Haitian two-way radio communications provider.

About MultiCom

Whether you choose to evaluate our services and/or expertise, Multicom with its over 20 years of experience is the ideal choice for a reliable and top quality radio communication service for your business and personal use. Thanks to our key positioned sites, Motorola’s latest technology and Equipments, always available professionals and engineers to assist you; MULTICOM is able to provide you with all the solutions.

Discover the multiples advantages of the New technologies and let the competition be the least of your concern. With a single or multi user connection, remain connected with the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Motorola's latest technology and Equipments, legendary for their ruggedness and durability.


Radio Communication

As the leader in Radio Communication Business in Haiti, Multicom offers quality and reliable services.

  • Community Network
  • Study, Conception of National Coverage
  • Regional Network
  • Sites Rental
  • GPS Tracking Services
  • Telesurveillance

About ProCarTrack

GPS fleet tracking services

ProCarTrack, a subsidiary of Multicom, offers geolocation and tracking services. Vehicle monitoring is done in real time, at any time, on any PC, tablet, or smartphone.

  • GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management;
  • Fleet tracking devices and systems;
  • Motorcycle GPS tracking devices and solutions;
  • Wearable safety and GPS devices for kids;
  • Dementia and elderly GPS tracking devices;
  • GPS tracking for pets.

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